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Inspired by the ways great UX simplifies the complex. Equally committed to making things and thinking about them. Theory and practice, with a healthy dose of creativity and imagination.

Recovering academic (Ph.D. English Lit) who landed, by happy accident, in the technology world—first as a front‑end developer, later as a UX Researcher and Designer. More about me »

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  • Ode to Joy: A Year of Haiku

    I’ve never experienced as much joy in the workplace as I did in 2016. I’ve thought about this a lot since Mozilla announced it would lay off my Connected Devices team.

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  • Create a new IoT product

    Provide delight and autonomy to grandchildren by empowering them to connect simply and directly to their grandparents.

  • Pin the Web

    Remove the artificial distinction between mobile applications and web pages so that users can "pin" any web site or web page to their device in a novel new way.