• Ode to Joy: A Year of Haiku


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Mozilla December 2015 All-hands T-shirt

Mozilla December 2015 All-hands T-shirt
(attr: E. Hunt)

I’ve never experienced as much joy in the workplace as I did in 2016.

I’ve thought about this a lot since Mozilla announced it would lay off my Connected Devices team. Although I’m disappointed to be leaving Mozilla, I’m proud of the work my team did. I’m also grateful beyond words for a crazy, free-wheeling year of laughter and joy.

In late 2015, we all met in Orlando, Florida, for an All-hands meeting. The Orlando All-hands was notable for two reasons. First, Mozilla gave us all a t-shirt that said “The Internet is what we make it,” which I thought was a spot-on way to encapsulate the Mozilla mission. Bonus: the women’s version was a scoopneck actually cut for a woman’s body.

Second, Mozilla announced that we would shift our focus from Firefox OS to the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). At first blush, this sounded terribly exciting.

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