• Modernize Registries and Wishlists

Target wanted to capitalize on its position as one of the top shopping destinations for wedding and baby registries by aligning its platforms and content with the expectations of modern (and younger) consumers.

Our goal was to transform the sometimes tedious activity of "making a list" online into an inspiring and fun activity, just like making a music playlist or using a barcode scanner gun in a physical store.


Registry Landing Page - logged out

We introduced a more modern sensibility to Target's registries and list platforms. Each platform was improved to make it simpler to find products to add to a list, as well as easier to purchase from a list.

The Club Wedd and Baby registries were updated with language and look-and-feel that appealed to a more modern audience. The Wishlists platform was updated to let user express themselves by sharing their registry and wish lists with friends and family.

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Registry Landing Page - logged in

A core business goal was to increase the size of each user's registry by 10 items. Achieving that goal would move Club Wedd to the #1 sales position for wedding registries in the U.S.

To achieve that goal, we provided expert guidance about the number of items from each category that make up a typical wedding or baby registry. We also improved the "Add Items" functionality to make it easier for users to add items, as well as easier for the business to maintain and update this content. Finally, we revamped each registry's inspirational content to appeal to a modern, younger audience and encourage the addition of more items to a registry.

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Add Items to Registry

Earlier versions of the "add items" functionality included hand-crafted product lists that were difficult for Target employees to update and maintain in a timely manner. This sometimes led to a confusing user experience, in which a customer would later learn that an item added to her registry was no longer in stock.

The new "add items" functionally is now automated so that the system removes old products and adds new ones in real-time in response to inventory and demand.

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Inspirational Content

Club Wedd and Target Baby inspirational content was redesigned and rewritten to appeal to a more modern (and younger) audience. The new content includes stories with people and situations that modern consumers can connect to, learn from, and be inspired by.

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I began working on the Target Registries and Wishlist platforms as the Lead UX Designer. Later I became the Associate Creative Director for the Target account.

As an ACD, I led and managed a team of UX Designers, Visual Designers, and Copywriters working on Registries and Wishlists, as well as other Target projects.

UX - Competitive and Heuristic Analyses

One of the main inputs into our strategic vision for Registries and Wishlists was a deep analysis of the competitive landscape. I led the work of Strategy, UX, and Creative teams who reviewed the competitors and evaluated Target's registries and list platforms in light of the competitors.

Using this foundation, we identified priority areas where Target needed to catch up, as well as white spaces that Target could own in the future.

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UX - Behavioral Design

The Strategy and UX teams worked hand-in-hand to identify "listing" as a key behavior we wanted to focus on. We conducted several surveys to define a set of behavioral profiles that the UX team then used as a design foundation.

Although not a primary design target, the Self-Expresser's combined sense of play and purpose helped us imagine a future where all of Target's customers truly enjoyed making lists.

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UX - List Ecosystem

In looking at the current Target listing lifecycle, we observed that users created several Target shopping lists over the course of a lifetime. Yet the same items would appear on multiple lists, for instance, the mixer a couple didn't receive for their wedding would migrate to the bride's birthday list.

In our vision for the future state of Target Registries and Wishlists, we imagine a simplified single list for each user in which individual product can be grouped into collections that make sense to the user.

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UX - Category Page

The revised Add Items functionality simplified the process of finding relevant items by visually organizing them by category.

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UX - Subcategory Page

As the user drills deeper into the product categories, we wanted to continue offering guidance and inspiration. On the Subcategory pages, users can quickly link to the appropriate Guide to find out, for example, how many everyday water glasses they should register for.

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UX - Quick Info

From any grid view, the user can quickly add items by clicking the "Add to Registry" button. Alternatively she can get more information about the product by hovering over it to reveal the Quick Info button to open the Quick Info popup.

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