• Making Things

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  • Create a New Design System

    Empower product teams to make better software faster – by reusing UI components designed for accessibility and user interface best practices.

  • Create a New IoT product

    Provide delight and autonomy to grandchildren by empowering them to connect simply and directly to their grandparents.

  • Pin the Web

    Remove the artificial distinction between mobile applications and web pages so that users can "pin" any web site or web page to their device in a novel new way.

  • Bring Mobile Add‑ons to Firefox OS Users

    Create a consistent experience between the Firefox OS phone and its app store (Firefox Marketplace) to allow users to easily browse, select, install, and manage their Firefox OS add‑ons.

  • Improve the Firefox OS Developer Experience

    Create a positive app submission (and management) experience for developers. Then use that positive experience as a point of differentiation from competitors.

  • Invent a New Way to Travel

    Connect with consumers through their passion for travel. Broaden perception of American Express from being a badge of success to a means of getting there.

  • Modernize Registries and Wishlists

    Transform the sometimes tedious activity of "making a list" into an inspiring and fun activity, just like making a music playlist or using a barcode scanner gun in a physical store.

  • Create an Industry-leading Weekly Ad

    Transform the interactive Weekly Ad’s feature set, interaction models, and visual design to attract new, younger consumers, while remaining true to the brand existing customers already love.

  • Create Tools for Busy Entrepreneurs

    Create an online space where small-business owners can learn what works (and what doesn't) from other small business owners.