• Invent a New Way to Travel

Younger consumers have a harder time establishing the financial credibility needed for an American Express card. American Express wanted to begin building relationships with these younger consumers through non-card entry points.

We wanted to connect with younger consumers through their passion for travel. Using the American Express' long history in travel, we wanted to broaden perception of American Express from being a badge of success to a means of getting there.


Application - Home + City Guide

NEXTPEDITION is a new and exciting way to travel. At the heart of each NEXTPEDITION is a customized travel itinerary based on the user's interests and passions. But the trip itinerary is a mystery for the user who doesn't know where she's going or what she'll be doing once she arrives.

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Application - Itinerary

A few days before the departure date, the user receives the Travel Console, a mobile device that guides and supports them throughout the trip. Each day is a new surprise in which the Travel Console reveals travel and hotel logistics, guidebook content, preā€‘paid activities, and dining and nightlife recommendations.

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Application - Guidebook

A day before landing in a destination, that city's guidebook content is revealed. Produced in collaboration with Lonely Planet, the NEXTPEDITION Guide features general city information, must-see sights, a foreign language phrasebook, as well as activity, dining, and nightlife options tailored to the user's interests.

While viewing a point of interest in the Guide, the user can see that location on a map, get directions, add it to their Itinerary, or save it to their Favorites for later reference.

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Application - Travel Log

Throughout the trip, the user can check-in, write posts, and share photos and videos in real-time via the Travel Log, which is visible to friends and family. Users can also set up their Travel Log so it syndicates trip content to their Facebook page, where friends and family can comment.

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Website - Landing Page

The NEXTPEDITION website is both marketing support and the first step in the user's NEXTPEDITION. Featuring stories from the first eight NEXTPEDITION travelers, the website aims to give potential customers a taste of what it's like to go on a NEXTPEDITION, without giving away the mystery. The website also features the Travel Profiler, a personality quiz that generates a Travel Sign for the user based on his interests and passions.

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Website - Travel Profiler

Our research and testing showed that users were more satisfied with their results—and more likely to share them—if they chose their own Travel Sign. At the end of the Travel Profiler, the user chooses from the top three Travel Signs correlated to their answers.

After selecting a Travel Sign, the user can sign up for a travel consultation. A NEXTPEDITION Specialist contacts the user to learn more about the user's interests, passions, and travel preferences. Using this information, the NEXTPEDITION Specialist designs a customized NEXTPEDITION itinerary for the user.

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Mobile Site

The mobile NEXTPEDITION site focuses on the primary information users need to know in order to get started on a NEXTPEDITION. Video of the first travelers showcases the unexpected surprise and delight that is the underlying premise of NEXTPEDITION. The mobile site also features a "how it works" section, FAQs, and a mobile version of the Travel Profiler.

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I was the Lead UX Designer on a number of OPEN Forum initiatives while at CPB. As the UX Lead, I led the usability testing and design work, as well as managed the work of other UX designers on larger projects.

UX - Travel Ecosystem

In looking at the current travel lifecycle, we observed that travelers complete a number of decision-making, preparation, and travel activities at many different media outlets.

In our vision for the future state of NEXTPEDITION (and other American Express travel services), we imagine products that combine many of these activities into a single touchpoint.

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UX - Task Analysis

The NEXTPEDITION travel experience is unlike any other travel experience, but it still touches on common travel-related tasks and questions. In looking at the travel space, I defined a series of tasks users would need to do in order to purchase and travel on a NEXTPEDITION.

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UX - Experience Design Framework

I created an Experience Design Framework that mapped traveler's needs and tasks to the experience touchpoints we envisioned for NEXTPEDITION. This helped the UX team focus on user needs while designing each of these touchpoints.

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UX - Behavioral Design

Our Strategy team had identified the consumer audience we were targeting. To help the UX team focus on behavioral design, I visualized ways to think about these consumers and their behaviors as we began our detailed design work.

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UX - Service Design

Purchasing a NEXTPEDITION involved several different groups of people at American Express (and beyond). I created this high-level flow to illustrate the major actions that needed to happen in order for a traveler to purchase and travel on a NEXTPEDITION.

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