• Create an Industry-leading Weekly Ad


Target's interactive weekly ad is popular with older customers. But it's not necessarily popular with Target's younger—and more digital—customer base. We wanted to revitalize Target's weekly ad to appeal to these younger customers.

We transformed the interactive Weekly Ad’s feature set, interaction models, and visual design to attract new, younger consumers, while remaining true to the brand principles existing customers already love.


Landing Page

The paper-based Weekly Ad traditionally arrives in your weekend newspaper. And it's always been successful at driving a lot of weekend traffic into Target stores. But to reach younger and modern customers, Target needed to create an interactive version.

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Product Hover

To keep the Weekly Ad consistent with the main Target.com website, we used the same "shopping" interactions as Target.com, including hovering over products for additional information ...

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Quick Info

... and Quick Info, which Target.com customers already loved.

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Browse by Page Spread

Through research we learned that some customers preferred to browse by page spread. These pages inspired them to consider new products, or reminded them of products on their mental list that they'd forgotten about.

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Browse by Category

Other customers, who knew what they wanted, preferred to browse by category where they could easily find the products they were looking for.

So we made it easy for both types of customers to use the interactive Weekly Ad. By hovering over the "View by" options, users can see a preview of the options and choose to view the Weekly Ad in the way that makes sense to them.

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I began working on the Target Weekly Ad as the Lead UX Designer. Later I became the Associate Creative Director for the Target account.

As an ACD, I led and managed a team of UX Designers, Visual Designers, and Copywriters working on the Weekly Ad, as well as other Target projects.

UX - Multiple Item Product Set - Description

As part of the Weekly Ad project, we solved a design challenge that also existed on the main Target.com website—how to represent the Quick Info for a set of products that are sold together.

We broke up the Quick Info into 2 distinct tabs. The Description tab lets users learn about the product set, while the Item tab lets users learn about each item in the product set.

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UX - Multiple Item Product Set - Items

In the Item View, each product is listed with links to more information on the main Target.com website.

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UX - Shopping List

From our research we knew that customers used the paper-based Weekly Ad as a kind of "shopping list" where they circled or marked or tore out pages as reminders of products they wanted to buy at the store.

We created a similar experience with the interactive Weekly Ad. Users can add items from the Weekly Ad to a shopping list that they can then print out or email to themselves.

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